Every color imaginable is showing up at Southwood Farms today, but it is the tomatoes that are truly flourishing. From small Sun Sugar Cherries to Large Red Slicers, all sorts if varieties can be found in our harvest. There are always many tasks to accomplish for Farmer Kyle and the workers who help him out, but lately much of the day revolves around that delicious red fruit.

When the tomato plants become laden with ripe fruit they are picked by hand and placed into small green bins. We only sell top notch fruit; our entire supply of gently damaged product is donated to the Jenks Food Bank and Tulsa Co. Food Bank. From the field, the tomatoes are taken to our onsite washing station where each individual fruit is inspected and washed three times.

 The final step is packing the product for transportation. They are then delivered to customer preorder pickup or locally sourced restaurants around the Tulsa metropolitan area. We are ardent about growing our tomatoes and we want to share them with you. If you are interested in trying some for yourself, check out our online catalogue of Southwood farm fresh produce.