A Southwood-Designed Master Plan is an Investment in your Home

A well-conceived and implemented landscape design is a balanced composition of plants, hardscape materials, and space. The landscape design becomes a marriage of people, plants, and materials in a specific place.

After listening carefully to your needs, the designers at Southwood will combine their knowledge of design principles, plants, and hardscape materials to create a landscape that is a unique reflection of you.

Upon acceptance of our Proposal your project will be in the competent hands of our knowledgeable and professional Landscape construction team.  Southwood’s seasoned installation staff will work efficiently and respectfully to take your design from a concept to reality.

A landscape 'Design to Installation' project typically flows as follows:


               Call us (918-299-9400 ext. 210) or come into the Design Center (located at the south end of the nursery) and introduce yourself, tell us about your landscape needs and we’ll answer any questions you have about our services and fees.  

Initial Design Meeting

               Your designer will come to your home or job site at the scheduled time and consult with you about your landscape project.  He or she will take photos and measurements, and ask questions designed to draw out your preferences, even those you may not realize you have.  Sometimes customers have strong opinions that are helpful to know about upfront (e.g., no orange flowers, or, no roses).    We can suggest lighting accents to enhance the appeal of your garden after dark.  We can increase the size of an existing patio and create paths to traverse from one area of the garden to another.  We’ve torn out and reworked front sidewalks to be more aesthetically pleasing than what the builder may have put in.  Plants are only one dimension of a thoughtful landscape design.   

Design Presentation

               When your design is prepared we’ll invite you into the Design Center to present and discuss your design.   For larger projects, this meeting will be a preliminary/conceptual check, an ‘are we on the right track’ discussion.  Your designer will walk you thru the proposed plan, answering your questions along the way.  We will have pictures of the plants we propose, and a quote prepared, detailing all the plants, material and labor needed to implement the design.   We can also take a walk through the nursery and look at proposed trees, shrubs and perennials.  Of course this can start the modifying phase, where we take your feedback and make any requested changes.  We will also explain our warranty, and answer any other questions you may have.

Acceptance and Deposit

               Once your landscape design is complete and before we begin installation we request a 30% deposit.  At this point your work order will move into the Scheduling office, where our Operations Manager will gather the material for your project and assign a crew and an installation date.  As soon as we know your proposed install date we will call to make sure that it works with your schedule. 

Project Installation and Follow-up

               This is the exciting day!  We ask that the night before, and morning of, your installation that you don’t run your sprinkler system.  And of course please make sure dogs are put up and all gates are unlocked.  It is not necessary for you to be home.  When your landscape project is complete we will send you a final invoice, with plant-specific maintenance instructions and watering guidelines.  If you would like, your designer can meet with you for a final walk-through.  At any time during the process please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions you may have.