Most of the time, the folks in our Solution Center are able to answer your gardening questions. But there are times when even
they get stumped, and on those occasions they rely on a number of online sources for help, and you can do likewise.

Here are some of the best websites we turn to when searching for gardening information on the internet.

OSU logo.jpg


OSU websites are a treasure trove of information on pretty much everything that grows, from trees and shrubs to foliage and flowering plants to lawns. And they have lots of specific information on pests and diseases that attack plants in our area. Get started by using their search engine at:

Oklahoma Gardening has its own website, and it too has great content.

And the Tulsa Master Gardeners have lots of great information available at:

Missouri Bot Logo.jpg


For extremely detailed yet easy-to-read information regarding trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, we love the Plant Finder feature available from Missouri Botanical Garden. It’s one of the best resources we’ve ever found, and 99% of the time the information is accurate for our area.

Monrovia Logo.jpg


Monrovia is one of our largest suppliers of plants, and their website lists everything you need to know about the plants they grow.

You can also buy directly from Monrovia and have your order shipped to us for pick up. Learn more at:

Proven Winners Logo.jpg


Proven Winners is another one of our major suppliers, and their website has a powerful search engine. Just go to:

Iseli Logo.jpg


Iseli is our go-to grower for incredible conifers and Japanese maples. Their website is awesome too.

Google logo.jpg


Of course, you can always use good old Google to find what you need. Just be sure to include “for or in Oklahoma” in your keyword search. For example:

“Best junipers for Oklahoma” or “Tomato diseases in Oklahoma”


A great source for info regarding houseplant care and selection is:

And for those of you who want to sound like an expert, consider the Latin pronunciation guide from Fine Gardening magazine.