Southwood Farm & Market

The Southwood Farm & Market is a working farm and marketplace in which activities focus on sustainability, education and community.  This venture is being developed at the Southwood Farm, 80 acres of agricultural property along the Polecat Creek just east of Elm Street. The development will be opened to the public in phases, beginning sometime in 2016.

At the heart of this development is our belief in the need to rediscover our connection to the land that sustains us, and to provide Tulsans a hands-on experience with agriculture, in a setting just 20 minutes from downtown.  In this spirit of community, we have built partnerships with the City of Jenks, Oklahoma State University, Jenks High School Future Farmers of America, Tulsa County Extension Master Gardeners, Oklahoma Farm & Food Alliance, The Oklahoma Fruit and Vegetable Association, and Oklahoma Department of Agriculture to plan and build this project.

The Farm

Our ultimate vision for this property is to offer a seasonal destination where families can experience farming in the 21st century.  Spring of 2013 marked our first year of growing produce at Southwood Farm.  Our Farmer, Kyle Dismukes, grows a variety of fresh produce for Southwood including Kale, Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower,  Carrots, Summer Squashes, New Potatoes, Okra, Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Tomatoes, Peppers, Sweet Corn and Pumpkins.  A few notes on our farming venture:

  • We grow our produce using “best method” practices, combining both organic and conventional methods. We incorporateIPMs (Integrated Pest management) which is the current method taught by the OSU AG Extension.

  •  We practice sustainability by using drip irrigation to drastically reduce the amount of irrigation water required on vegetable crops, and we recycle a bio degrabile packaging material from our nursery by using the excess material as mulch to conserve soil moisture.

  • We use crop rotation and cover crops to improve the organic matter and nutrients in our soil, and to bring beneficial insects to our fields.

We also supply many of Tulsa’s finest restaurants, including Bodean’s, Lucky’s on Cherry Street, and Stonehorse in Utica Square. 

Where is The Farm?